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Wealth Management

For individuals who have pensions, saving, or investments, ensuring that these are managed cost-effectively is important. The changes to the UK financial services industry over the last few years have meant that new cost-effective investment solutions have become available.

There has always been a tendency to focus on investment risk and the likelihood of any money losing value when considering investments. However other factors, such as when you will need the money, and also what it might be used for, are also important considerations.

Although holding cash would ensure that your capital would not be subject to market fluctuations, inflation of 3% over only a period of 5 years, could erode the 'purchasing power' of your savings by 14%. Therefore £10,000 held in a typical high-street instant access account (paying no interest) would be worth £8,600 five years later due to inflation.

There is no guarantee that other investments might fare better or worse. However holding a balanced portfolio can give your money the best opportunity to provide real long term growth.

As part of our service we would schedule a regular review, (if you want, and at a time when you want it), to ensure your investments remain on track and suitable.

Inheritance tax can be an issue for any family and, with rising property values, this will likely continue to impact more and more people. There are certain steps that you can take to mitigate this impact.