Unexpected life changes

You can’t always prepare for the future, but together, we can control how we take back your financial security.

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In life, you’re faced with highs and lows, and when those lows arise it feels like you’ve reached a dead end with no one or nowhere to turn to. Divorce, death and illness are all part of the circle of life, but with these events comes financial implications and endless worrying.

We truly care about people’s feelings, and we mean that. Our number one aim is to help solve people’s problems and we stick to our word. Whatever stage you’re at, we’ll be the light at the end of the tunnel.

Identifying your life goals

When your life changes drastically, you need someone who will look at the bigger picture and create a realistic plan focusing on long and short-term goals.

Planning for long-term care

It’s a topic that many don’t want to think about, but it’s vital that you prepare. It’ll give you and your family peace of mind that if you were to enter care, you’re secure financially.

Getting your finances in check

If you’ve become widowed, you’ll know the financial upheaval it causes, especially if they were in control of the finances. We’ll be there at the end of the phone and get everything in order.

Ensuring you have enough

We don’t want you to be struggling, so we’ll use cashflow modelling to ensure that you know exactly what you can spend and what to save for a rainy day.

Keeping an eye on legislation

You’ve been around long enough to know that laws change in the blink of an eye. You needn’t worry as we’ll keep an eye on things and change your plans if necessary.

Ongoing care and attention

We’ll conduct regular reviews with you to see you through retirement. We’ll enjoy your milestones with you even after we have implemented your plan.

What we can do
to help

We help you to understand your finances and develop a solid strategy to enable you to achieve your goals. We care about seeing you through each stage of your life, no matter how complex it is.

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The work that Abbotstone and Rob did was seamless. They made our situation and the options we have easy to understand.
Doug and Diane
We confidently live our lives and spend when we need to without worry, because Abbotstone are managing our finances for us.
Paul and Carolyn

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