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Financial Planning can sometimes seem daunting

Financial planning can be difficult. How to best allocate your money, how much to save, where to save it, the myriad of life insurance and family protection options. The choices can seem incomprehensible!

Our aim is to help you prioritise and to make the most of your money. We all have a finite pot of money and it is important that this is maximised.

We start by getting to know you. Not just facts such as how old you are or how much you earn, but also details such as what you want to achieve; when do you want to pay off your mortgage; when do you want to retire; how much money will you need in retirement; do you have any specific events planned such as a wedding, school fees, a 6 month round the world trip.

We will look at your existing income and whether there are any savings to be made. At the same time we will examine your savings and investments and any policies that you have in place, (existing and old pensions, insurance etc). From this we can determine if you have sufficient plans and resources to achieve your needs and, if not, what you might have to do to give yourself a better chance of achieving your goals.