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For individuals looking to move to France the need for financial and tax planning advice is something that can be easily overlooked

At Abbotstone, we can help remove the stress of financial planning when moving to France. A different tax system, (incorporating taxes you may not be familiar with), double taxation treaties, and how to extricate yourself from the UK tax regime can all be sources of worry!

At Abbotstone, we are very familiar with these concerns and can help you with advice on:

Leaving the UK

Although you can just hop on the ferry and leave the UK, you can save yourself hassle and stress by making certain arrangements before you go!


If you have UK pensions, these are an option for transferring your UK pension fund overseas. however they can be risky, and are not suitable for a lot of people. However, it is important that you are aware of these (and the pitfalls) to ensure that your assets are best placed for you. You can find more information here

Inheritance Tax

Different countries have different rules on who inherits your estate, and how much tax is payable. Taking advice on this sooner rather than later is vitally important to ensure that your assets are passed on tax efficiently and according to your wishes.See French Tax Tables here

Income Tax

If you are in receipt of UK income where and how it will be taxed depends on a number of factors. It is not uncommon for people to think that they will still be taxed in the UK, but it is not as straightforward as this! In contrast to the UK, where you were likely taxed under PAYE, in France everyone must complete a tax return and account for income tax, social charges (similar to our National Insurance), and wealth tax. See French Tax Tables here